Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Taking Ownership

Emergency at work, and Employee Ownership

Organisations having maintenance teams - for that matter any team, and specially maintenance teams, should be careful as to avoid ambiguity on the concept of "Emergency". The employees should never suffer from fuzzy ideas on what is a situation that may demand on-your-alert attitude from them.

Oftener than not, management, in order to wring out the optimum output of their staff, loose focus and tend to think 'maximum' is 'optimum'. That keeps a constant alarm ringing in the work domain. Staff, in order to be on their toes, tire themselves and end up squatting.

Whereas, if with some linear thinking, management takes a perspective view of the situations, where not only immediate but always the future target are in sight, the work is never to be looked upon as a load-till-the-shift-ends! It is a flow, a perpetual and buoyant raising of skills and spirits together. When emergencies do happen, as they are rare, staff do not need to be prompted on the do's- and -don'ts. That comes as a matter of-course, from raised adrenalin flow, and individuals do not need to fight stress to  restore equilibrium to the system. That is what is all about Ownership, and building a right environment enabling employees to take Ownership.

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