Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Collaborative Processes

 This is all about some Canteen talk

The Canteen is the place the HR should visit often. He should not be conspicuous and should know to mingle without his corporate garb.

That is where he will get the feedback that he takes so much trouble to collect through unavailing surveys and ceremonious workshops!

Overheard over the toast and butter. " What do you think? 'Tis process for people or people for process?"

The speakermeant, whether processes should be built keeping in perspective the people, who were to make those processes work?

Oftener and in this case too I think, the process seemed to be some sort of an extra-curricular super-system, self-running and grinding on the people for whom it was designed, to mean efficiency and to mitigate breaches.

But what loss! The purpose never permeated to the people, for whom it was designed. It only meant extra-load, for that was how it got implemented!

First lesson, good processes need to be developed for the people, by the people. When employees do not see themselves as stake-holders in the new system, success chances are reduced.

Processes that are designed by the employees, come through first as a matter of practice and then documenting that. So by the time it is documented, it is established as the organisation's (and that is the employees) culture. Meanwhile, through practice it is also perfected, weeding out any impractical frills that may have been planned.

This lesson is one we all learn, but as HR and Managers tend to forget. Out to implement new systems, we put it down on paper first and then rule with the stick to seek compliance. So it is a long way of coercion before the process buys allegiance and reaps 100% the benefits sought.

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