We will be bringing in this forum, snippets of Cases from different real, operational challenges and will discuss how to approach the subject with some understanding of the psychology and dynamics of the Twenty-first Century industry, management and employees.

We will also discuss on Case Studies, that may help a Management Student to understand the theories, and consolidate them with good practices.

You may refer to this site as a place to look for answers to your educational (MBA) questions. You may also search to get the answers to your dilemma in handling issues at work.

Blog Writer: Sush Sen

Sush Sen, alias Sushmita, began her professional journey as a Project Coordinator and Executive Educator. Progressing in her career and working for nearly twenty years in various managerial capacity in the Software Industry and Services Sector, and having a hands-on attitude to training and locating new recruits -engineers and managers, she is always eager and happy to share her experience and knowledge with those seeking guidance and understanding to make it successfully in the work-war.

She is a published online writer, whose works are appreciated by her readers and many young professionals.

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